August 29, 2015

Folks rally outside Rowan County Courthouse

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT-TV and WYMT-TV) - Another fairness rally was held outside of the Rowan County Courthouse Saturday as the clerk there continues to not issue marriage licenses.

Several couples who have been denied marriage licenses were at the rally.

Kim Davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the United States Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage back in June.

"Oh we jumped up and down we were so happy that night," said Karen Roberts. "We are really proud of our country and our nation and we were really excited to be able to finally get legally married," added April Miller

However, their excitement quickly changed when they were denied a license in their hometown on June 30th.

"I was angry about that...I felt ostracized and I felt marginalized," explained Miller.

Those feelings are some of the reasons why for every single day the courthouse is open, the Rowan County Rights Coalition has been outside. Working to support those who have been turned away which is not only limited to same sex couples.

"We are a heterosexual couple. I've had the right to get married for the past 100 years," said Joey Fernandez.

Many couples of these couples say they've been told to go somewhere else.

"I don't live there I don't pay my taxes there. My taxes are paid here and pay her salary," said Roberts. Miller added, "We have never had to go somewhere else to pay our car licenses."

Saturday's rally came the day after a flurry of new appeals, filings, and rulings in the case of Kim Davis. That includes an official misconduct complaint against her has been referred to the attorney general from the county attorney.

Davis' office was scheduled to be open on Saturday, however was closed with a sign on the door asking those who were expecting it to be open and "inconvenienced" to leave their name.

Davis did file an emergency application asking the United States Supreme Court to review her appeal. She also filed paperwork asking a U.S. District Court Judge to extend her temporary stay a request that was quickly denied.

Also at Saturday's rally a transgender couple claiming Kim Davis unknowingly issued them a marriage license.

Camryn Colen, who is transgender, says he and his wife Alexis were married February 26th. Camryn says he was born female and when going to apply for the marriage license was not asked to show any identification.

"It was issued, they were married that day. It was filed so in all actuality she married a gay couple," explained Mary Hargis, with the Rowan County Rights Coalition.

On Saturday afternoon, the Kentucky Equality Federation released a statement, asking that Governor Beshear call a special session to impeach Davis.

"Today, we call on Governor Steve Beshear to call a Special Session of the Kentucky General Assembly to impeach the Rowan County Clerk. The action of the Clerk defies Kentucky and U.S. Court rulings. This violates the oath of office taken by Kim Davis and if she cannot complete her job because of "religious beliefs" then she should resign. Government is free of religion and religious beliefs. Perhaps Ms. Davis would be happier in a religious state such as Afghanistan, Iran, or Iraq." - Minister Jordan Palmer, Secretary-General of Kentucky Equality Federation and its member organization, Marriage Equality Kentucky.

"Kentucky Equality Federation attorneys are working now to file a lawsuit in Kentucky Courts." On April 16, 2015 Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Wingate struck-down Kentucky's 2004 Ban on Same-Sex Marriage in the Commonwealth of Kentucky stating, "Kentucky's statutory and constitutional bans on same-sex marriage void and unenforceable for violating Plaintiff and Plaintiff's Members Constitutional Rights."

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