January 12, 2011

Reader Letter | Kentucky should pass new civil rights act

The time has come for Kentucky to pass a law to prohibit terminations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. You can be fired for being gay, but you cannot be fired for being a smoker. What kind of logic is that?

In 1966, Kentucky became the first state in the South to pass a civil rights act. The commonwealth also became the first in the south to establish enforcement powers over civil rights violations on a state level. The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights became the state enforcement authority of the act.

What happened to us? At what point did our great commonwealth lose its leadership in the area of civil rights? When did we decide to surrender our freedoms and civil rights?

For our economy and population to improve, we need to lead again — not only in the area of civil rights, but others as well.

Kentucky Equality Federation

Link: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20110112/OPINION02/301120059


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