February 12, 2009

Kentucky Equality's Response to the Family Foundation of Kentucky's attack on the National Freedom to Marry Day

Kentucky Equality Federation and Marriage Equality Kentucky coordinated (with many allies in Louisville), the Marriage Counter Actions here in Kentucky; the Herald-Leader covered the story with the Family Foundation of Kentucky calling our initial attempts to raise awareness of the harm the current same-sex marriage ban has on couples in Kentucky "cheating." In addition, they announced their support of Senate Bill 68.

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer responds:

"This is another example of how so-called family organizations are some of the most useless, money-hungry scams in the world with their bizarre and all-encompassing 'gay fetish.'

With national divorce rates rising because of layoffs, increases in daycare, and an economy in the tank, one would think a 'family oriented organization' would be focused on economic solutions to help take the stress off couples (such as using their money to provide free daycare instead of lobbying Frankfort against domestic partner benefits, and using children as political pawns). But, instead, they continue to focus on keeping a minority group of families from having the same civil liberties and protections as the majority.

How can excluding gay couples from hospital rooms, fighting to keep us from providing health insurance for each other, and teaching hatred for people who are different be a family value? In Kentucky, you cannot be fired for being a smoker, but you can be fired for being gay……now THAT is cheating (what the Family Foundation of Kentucky called Kentucky Equality Federation’s coordination of the National Freedom to Marry Day in Kentucky).

It is our generation's obligation and opportunity to bring equality to the gay community; we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us – the time is here."

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