February 23, 2007

Hundreds turn out to fight for gay rights

Yesterday was a historic day in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as gay rights organizations and their allies brought the fight directly to their seat of government at the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort.

Hosted by Kentucky Fairness Alliance and Louisville's Fairness Campaign, with support from Kentucky Equality Federation and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, more than 250 people showed up at the Capitol Rally.

Kentucky Equality Federation would like to give special thanks to Model High School's Gay-Straight Alliance as well as the Eastern Kentucky University Pride Alliance, and Boone County High School Gay-Straight Alliance for their support. Federation President Jordan Palmer, Federation Alliance Manager Clarence Wallace, and Northern Chapter President Nick Herweck coordinated their participation in the historic event.

Special thanks also to Jordan Boyer with Model High School, and Ms. Staci Wilson.

"We must fight the bigotry anti-gay groups and some homophobic elected officials practice; they want nothing more than to dehumanize a large group of people, deny their humanity, happiness, health, civil, and God given rights. If this isn't challenged by everyone, we are giving our government the green light to victimize other minority groups." - Jordan Palmer, Kentucky Equality Federation President

Click here to view photos.

United We Stand - Kentucky's LGBTI News

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