October 17, 2006

Kentucky's homophobic nightmare, Representative Stan Lee from Fayette County

Lexington, KY -- Representative Stan Lee (R-Fayette) couldn't wait for the legislature to reconvene in January before filing his first anti-gay bill. Representative Lee's first attack against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community for the upcoming 2007 Legislative Session is to "prohibit public higher education institutions from providing health benefits for a domestic partner of a university or college employee."

Representative Lee has wasted no time filing paperwork to prevent the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky University from pursuing domestic partnership benefits (House BR 102).

Kentucky Equality Federation believes the commonwealth's educational facilities have a better understanding of what is in the best interests of their institutions, and oppose all attempts by the commonwealth to consolidate government and remove "home rule" from our local governments and educational institutions.

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  1. Matthew Vanderpool10:17 AM

    A second chance
    I am running against Stan next year. I am openly gay and with your help we can get him out of office!